Sunday, March 31, 2013

Art and Soul

My Art Work

This Blog is dedicated to my personal art work from the Art Workshops that I'm learning from:  Willowing Arts, Cotton Candy Girls, Doll Dreams and more.  I will have a dedicated page to each Instructor or Workshop that I participate in.

Blog a Journal

I have a Blog a Journal page where I will  to write to Journal Prompts that I find or anything that inspires me to write a thought.

"Who AM I" Journal


"Who am I? It's a lifelong question. It's not about labels—"I'm a mom," or "I'm a good employee", or "I'm a Christian." Concentrate on moving beyond labels and appearances. It's, "When I was born, what was the plan for my life?"

I have  a "Who Am I" Journal Page where I write using a few resources on self discovery.

Donna Davenport Blog 

Please come visit my primary blog dedicated as a inspiring resource to all the themes that interest me: Reading, Books, Creativity, Inspiration, Journaling, Writing, Poems, and Success. I  have a linked page in the above tabs to